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RadRails No-go

Up to now I’ve been using JEdit as my editor when programming RoR apps. Nice, but not quite there. Also, would be nice to have an IDE, me thinks. So I finally gave RadRails a spin. This is on a windows box, so no TextMate… I’ll switch to a Mac when Vista forces me to upgrade one way or the other. Tangent. Back to what I found out after two days of trying RadRails.

The first thing that drove me nuts is that RadRails doesn’t support drag&drop cut&paste of text. I’m so used to selecting text and then dragging the selection in order to move the text that I just can’t do without. I can’t believe that it’s not supported, it just can’t be true, yet I haven’t found a way to “enable” such a feature. Please let me know if there is a solution!

Then I found out that I don’t seem to be able to split the editor window, e.g. to see two files at the same time. It’s easy to switch between the most recent few files using the tabs at the top, but I often really want to see two or three files tiled vertically on top of one another. Ouch!

I love being able to stop & restart the webbrick server at the bottom, and the tailing of the log file is also often handy. But I don’t see any instructions on how to set things up so I can run rails in the debugger and set breakpoints. Maybe that’s not possible, dunno. So I haven’t seen any way to turn all these nifty debugging buttons from being teasers to becoming actually useful.

I’m coming to the conclusion that at this point RadRails is a no-go and am switching back to JEdit. Maybe in a few months RadRails will have improved sufficiently to give it another spin…