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At 2100 feet above Santa Barbara

Missed Amazon’s EC2 Beta?

We support two types of accounts on RightScale. One is for those of us lucky enough to make Amazon’s EC2 Limited Beta. If you did, you can signup here for a sub-account and create a second account with your credentials afterwards. We call this type of account a direct account.

For the rest, we offer a slightly limited program we call sub-accounts. A sub-account lets you get into EC2 now by leveraging our master account. Just sign up without adding any Amazon credentials and you’ll have access to start running your own instances on EC2.

Note that during our Limited Beta we are offering about 10 hours of free EC2 usage (yes that’s a whole $1) to our sub-account users. This means there’s no risk to sign up and give EC2 and RightScale a try.