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AWS-Console Release 1.2

Release 1.2 went out a couple of days ago with a number of exciting new features:

  • Instance user launch data now supported: you can now enter user data when launching an instance. This allows a single image to receive configuration information as it’s launched so it can serve different purposes. The launch data could contain the name of a role to play, a hostname, or anything you fancy basing the configuration of your instance on.

  • Image sharing: you can now share you images with other users or make them public very easily. Just go to an image’s page and you’ll see the interface. You can now also tell who made public or shared images available to you.

  • More robust image bundling and error feedback. We can now also bundle a sub-account instance up on request (as long as we don’t get too many). This has already helped out a number of AWS-Console users who don’t have an EC2 account themselves.

  • User selectable timezone: you can now set your time zone on the settings>preferences page and all timestamps will be converted for you.

  • The site got a whole lot faster. Phew, it was painful for a couple of days…

I hope you’ll enjoy the new features and please do email us at if you have any questions or problems using AWS-Console!