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RightScale is your easy to use portal to Amazon’s Web Services, in particular the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). It provides a point-and-click interface to EC2 instances and images as well as an S3 browser. RightScale helps keep tabs on running instances–a chore that can be less friendly through the stock command-line tools. And many frequent tasks, such as opening an SSH console, bundling up an instance, backing up you database to S3, are just a single click away.

RightScale Benefits

  • Manage EC2 more efficiently using a point-and-click interface than using command-line tools.
  • Save time and money with RightScale’s automation for recurring tasks.
  • Share your EC2 and S3 accounts with others without revealing the credentials.
  • Follow best-practices for EC2 deployment, prepared by experts embracing EC2 themselves.
  • Increased reliability with automated backups.

EC2 Functions available

  • View all instances, images, security groups, and ssh keys.
  • View audit logs of past instances and images.
  • Assign custom names to instances and images (such as deployment domain [] or nickname [web3]).
  • Create, Edit and delete security groups and ssh keys.
  • Launch instances from private or Amazon’s public images.
  • Terminate instances.
  • Deregister images.
  • One-click bundle for running instances.
  • One-click db backup for running instances (to S3).
  • Web-based SSH console with autokey generation (no login required).

S3 Functions available

  • Integrated S3 browser
  • Generate 24-hour private links to restricted S3 data
  • One-click db backup to S3
  • One-click instance bundle to S3

Management functions

  • Separate the notion of an EC2 account from user logins: you can create unlimited users that all access one EC2 account.
  • Manage multiple EC2 accounts and switch between them at ease.
  • Assign users roles for observer (read-only), actor (read-write), or administrative (access to credentials and user management).
  • Limit access to EC2/S3 credentials: non administrative users cannot see the raw credentials.
  • Add S3 credentials to your RightScale account to gain S3 browsing and advanced backup/restore features.
  • Full instance auditing:
    * who/when launched
    * when ready/running
    * when bundled
    * when backed-up
    * when terminated
  • Full image auditing:
    * who/when bundled
    * which instance bundled from
  • Run multiple long-running commands (db backup, bundle, etc) with integrated task monitoring.