TvE 2100

At 2100 feet above Santa Barbara


RightScale is currently in Beta. At this time we offer the following two types of accounts:

Direct Accounts

A “direct account” is for you if you have an EC2 account directly with Amazon. You will need to enter your AWS credentials into RightScale so that the system can act on your behalf. You will directly pay Amazon for your EC2 usage as you would if you didn’t use RightScale. Your usage of RightScale is for free for the time being. In the future, we will charge for our value added but we will also maintain a free option so developers can explore RightScale and EC2. We have not determined how much we will charge nor what pricing structure we will use. We do intend to support small businesses and we understand this to mean that the typical small business will spend less on RightScale than on EC2 itself.


A “sub-account” is for you if you do not have an EC2 account with Amazon. You will use our “master account” to get EC2 resources and Amazon will thus bill us for your usage. If you would like to use your sub-account beyond the initial free hours, please contact us at