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New CentOS5 V1.6 RightImage Published

We just published a revised version of our CentOS5 RightImage, please see the changelog for the details. This is the image we use for all our deployments, we find CentOS to be a good stable distribution. Sometimes it’s frustrating that the latest packages are not available and we have to grab them separately, but overall it’s nice not to have the whole world change every week or so. We will be updating our Fedora Core 6 RightImage shortly.

We have received a number of requests for a similar Debian/Ubuntu image. While we’re excited about something like this and are keeping it on our to-do list, the truth is that (a) unless we have a customer we probably won’t get to it, and (b) we are focusing all the new RightScale goodies on RedHat based distros, not that things wouldn’t work under Debian but it’s more work to test it all. In any case, we’re open but also very busy…