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RightScale provides a platform and expertise that enable companies to create scalable web applications running on Amazon’s Web Services that are reliable, easy to manage, and cost less. Amazon has created a new model of computing with EC2, S3, and SQS. RightScale lets you harness that power while keeping your focus on what matters most – your own core application.

RightScale is your easy to use portal to Amazon’s Web Services. It is the only end-to-end management platform for AWS that includes everything you need to get a scalable, reliable, performant web application up and running quickly. With RightScale you’ll save time, and breathe easier knowing your deployment follows best practices.


  • DashBoard – manage, maintain & monitor all AWS activities
  • Manager for MySQL – manage replicated MySQL set-ups
  • RightSite – load balancing and DNS for scalable web sites
  • Auto-Scaling – automatically scale the number of virtual servers up & down
  • RightScripts - dynamic configuration of virtual servers on boot
  • Deployments - launch and manage multi-server systems

RightScale Dashboard

  • Web-based point & click interface
  • Monitor running virtual servers (also called ‘instances’ on AWS)
  • Supports multiple account users with individual logins
  • EC2 Functions available
  • View and edit all instances, images (AMIs), security groups, ssh keys, audit logs of past instances
  • Assign custom names to instances and images (such as deployment domain [] or nickname [web3])
  • Make images public or share them with other EC2 accounts
  • Launch instances from private or Amazon’s public images
  • Reboot and terminate instances, view console boot output
  • One-click bundling of running instances
  • Web-based SSH console with automatic SSH key selection

  • S3 Functions available

  • Integrated S3 browser
  • Generate 24-hour signed links to private S3 data
  • One-click instance bundle to S3

  • Management functions

  • Manage multiple EC2 accounts and switch between them easily
  • Create unlimited users with separate logins that all access one EC2 account
  • See who launched or accessed an instance
  • Assign users roles for observer (read-only), actor (read-write), or administrative (access to credentials and user management).
  • Limit access to EC2/S3 credentials: non administrative users cannot see the raw credentials
  • Full instance auditing:
    • who/when launched, when ready/running, bundled, backup-up, terminated
  • Full image auditing:
    • who/when bundled, which instance bundled from
  • Execute multiple long-running commands (db backup, bundle, etc) with integrated task monitoring

Manager for MySQL

RightScale Manager for MySQL addresses the need for a highly reliable, high performance database system running on Amazon EC2 and S3. Based on the open-source MySQL database, RightScale Manager for MySQL provides an easy-to-deploy MySQL setup package (including images and RightScripts) that’s pre-configured to work with the RightScale Dashboard to provide monitoring, failover, backup and re-launch capabilities.

  • Master / slave virtual EC2 servers, architected for redundancy & failover
  • Persistent, up-to-date backups of all data to S3
  • Scripts, settings and images (AMIs) for easy setup
  • “Configure on boot” capability to customize your implementation
  • Detailed user and action-level auditing, centralized logging & error reporting
  • Monitoring and event notifications
  • Pushbutton control for:
    • Launch database instance
    • Restore master from S3 backup
    • Set up slave using master for initial state
    • Promote slave to master
    • Backup either master or slave to S3


The most common questions we hear about hosting a website on EC2 are:

    How do I set up web servers with load balancing and failover capability?

    And how can I manage the DNS system for them?

RightScale RightSite provides the solution: * Load balanced web servers via HAproxy load balancer * Dynamic DNS interface to register primary & secondary IP addresses, including round-robin registration (if supported by DNS service) * Failover support for both front end servers * Automatic insertion of new servers into load balancing rotation, and removal of old ones


Automatic scaling – the programmatic launch & shutdown of virtual servers based on load triggers – is one of RightScale’s strongest features. With auto-scaling, RightScale delivers on the true promise of utility computing using Amazon Web Services: the ability to almost instantaneously add computing power when needed, and then turn it off when unused to reduce costs. In short, RightScale lets you scale more and pay less.

The RightScale Platform handles two basic types of auto-scaling:

  • RightSite provides scaling of front end web servers in response to increased traffic loads and other load triggers:

    • Monitor and manage load-balanced arrays of web servers
    • Coordinate and scale up/down number of servers based on load
    • Automatic registration of new servers in the DNS system
    • Performance statistics
    • Pre-built installation templates for common software stacks
  • RightGrid provides scaling of back end batch processing servers handling worker tasks. RightGrid leverages EC2, SQS and S3 to process large numbers of jobs, while orchestrating all scheduling, load management, and data transport such that job processing can operate on local data on an EC2 instance. RightGrid also takes care of monitoring the overall progress and providing access to log files and associated information in case of errors.

    • Monitor and manage Amazon SQS queues
    • Coordinate and scale up/down number of servers based on load
    • Centralized, persistent storage of logs and error reporting
    • Automatic file upload and download to and from S3
    • Performance statistics
    • Pre-built installation templates for common software stacks


RightScripts put you in control of what is executed on your virtual servers, so they do not become opaque appliances. If you need to modify the standard RightScale installs for Manager for MySQL, RightSite, RightGrid or any other RightScale server template – it’s all available in scripts that you can modify.

That’s a key part of the RightScale philosophy – to provide powerful automation tools, while preserving your freedom and control to change what you like to fit your needs.

RightScripts provide: * Dynamic configuration of virtual servers on boot * Auditing transparency for security review * Centralized control of multi-server installations


RightScale Deployments allow you to define groups of servers that run in concert with each other, and manage them as a unit. For example, you may have a website with 2 front-end web servers, 1 application server, and 2 MySQL database servers (master/slave). With RightScale, you can define this collection of server images as a group, and launch, control and terminate them together.

A classic application of RightScale Deployments would be to have “production,” “staged,” and “development” versions of your website cluster running at different times for testing, development, and of course for your live production website.

RightScale Deployments provide: * Capability to define groups of servers with easy-to-remember names * Launch, tracking, termination of servers as a group * Ability to run tests on your server architecture without affecting the production site