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RightImages Changelog

We are currently maintaining CentOS and Fedora Core RightImages. The motivation for these images and the way we build them automatically using a script is described in our RightScripts rationale blog entry. The short version is that we keep the images up-to-date with distribution releases, we add all the basics needed for operation under EC2, and we add scripts designed to make them work hand-in-hand with the RightScale features. As a community service, we are making the image creation scripts available for free so you can build your own images if you want to tweak what we provide.

We have received a number of requests for a similar Debian/Ubuntu image. While we’re excited about something like this and are keeping it on our to-do list, the truth is that (a) unless we have a customer we probably won’t get to it, and (b) we are focusing all the new RightScale goodies on RedHat based distros, not that things wouldn’t work under Debian but it’s more work to test it all. In any case, we’re open but also very busy…

October 23rd RightImage CentOS5 X64_64 V1_12

  • CentOS5 X86 64-bit image for Amazon EC2 large instance types (“large” and “x-large”)
  • AMI-ID: ami-31c72258
  • Script
  • Changes:
    • Same as 32-bit V1_10 but for 64-bit architecture

September 26th RightImage CentOS5V1.10

  • CentOS5V1.10 RightImage
  • AMI-ID: ami-08f41161
  • Script
  • Changes:
    • CentOS5(core,updates) mirror on S3
    • RubyForge Mirror on S3
    • New Software
      • sysstat
      • rpmbuild
      • fping
      • rrdtool
      • bwm-ng
    • Image size reduced from 880MB to 500MB.

July 10th RightImage CentOS5V1.6

  • CentOS5V1.6 RightImage
  • AMI-ID: ami-9a9e7bf3
  • Script

  • Added development tools gcc,gcc-c++, automake, bison, flex, cvs, subversion (probably the most requested change)

  • Added SSH keep-alives (large ClientCountMax setting to accommodate clients that do not respond to keep-alives)
    • ClientAliveInterval 60
    • ClientAliveCountMax 240
  • Gems - net-ssh, xml-simple, net-sftp installed by default. ’
  • S3Sync updated to version 1.1.4
  • Cron Job to check for AMI-Tools update.
  • Ruby no longer errors about /home/ec2 being world writable.
  • getsshkey service added to fetch ssh key from EC2 early in boot.
  • RightScale service moved to position 81, after ssh and postfix.
  • Yum default repository for Base, and Updates now internal to improve boot times.
  • Many new rightscale service features. Please see upcoming blog entries for new features.

April 27th, 2007 RightImage FC6V2 and CentOS5V1

  • FC6V2 RightImage: AMI-ID ami-2c8f6a45 and script
  • CentOS5V1 RightImage: AMI-ID ami-268f6a4f and script