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New Right_aws Ruby Gem Released

We just released a new version of our Right_aws ruby gem on RubyForge. This gem provides Ruby interfaces for Amazon EC2, S3, and SQS using Amazon’s REST and query interfaces to provide full programmatic control of the three services. An optional robust HTTP layer retries and clears transient errors. New in this release is support for the large EC2 instances and improvements in the automatic error retries, specifically in promptly re-resolving the * hostnames on error. The documentation for the gems is online at RubyForge.

We have been using the right_aws gems in production since February and are continuously improving and updating them with any new features offered by Amazon. The original goal for the gems was to produce a robust production quality interface to AWS with full error handling, persistent connections, automatic retries, and high performance. We’re glad to finally be able to make them available to the Ruby community at large!

If you are finding bugs or have suggestions for improvement please email We will do our best to respond to bug reports quickly, of course we always appreciate patches! (Someone recently asked us to support the S3 usage logging features, we hope to have this soon.)