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64-bit CentOS5 Amazon EC2 Image Release

A 64-bit version of our CentOS5 image is now available for general consumption! The image is called RightImage CentOS5 x86_64 V1_12 with AMI ID ami-31c72258 and location rightscale_images/CentOS5_X86_64_V1_12. See the changelog for info on past images.

This is our first public image for the large instance types and we hope we covered all bases, but we’re eager to hear whether everything works as expected. As promised the script to create the image is also available. To run the script, launch Amazon’s 64-bit FC6 image and run through the steps…

A little background on RightImages for those of you not familiar with what we’re doing: to configure servers we use a base image and install software at boot time using our server templates and RightScripts. This is way more modular and maintainable than baking entire servers into AMIs. Please see our blog post on the rationale behind this. As a result, we produce base images that are small yet have all the software utilities one just needs in EC2 already installed, from the Amazon EC2 tools to traceroute, curl, wget, etc. The second innovation we made with our images is that they are fully scripted and we publish the script. You can launch Amazon’s FC4 or FC6 image, run our script, and out pops a clone of our RightImage. So if you want to see what we install or make some changes you can go right ahead.